The Cheval-Blanc is a place of encounter, friendly and relaxed where you take the time to savor each dish.

Each plate is gourmand and generous… an authentic trip to Italy!

1 place 2 entities. This building used to have a bakery and a small bistro, essential places in the village, which has now become Pâtisserie Sofia, settling next to the Italian gourmet restaurant, like a loop of time which closes.

La Dolce Vita since 1972

At the Cheval-Blanc, the real Italian dolce vita reigns. The family spirit as it exists only in Italy, with as much rigor as love. Our restaurant owes its reputation for excellence to more than 40 years of passion for Italian cuisine and its exceptional flavors. Rigor and Italian tradition are essential to provide you with an incomparable gourmet experience.

Matteo Guida, the Chef

A place full of history

At the crossroads, in the center of Vandoeuvres, stands Le Cheval Blanc, an 18th century architectural jewel, like the centerpiece of the village. It was in 1971 that Nina and Giancarlo Carugati took possession of the premises to transform the building into a traditional Italian restaurant. Very quickly, the restaurant forged a solid reputation and became a staple of Italian gastronomy in Geneva.
Today it is the chef Matteo Guida who will take you on a journey for a meal in the colors of Italy!

Here, the dolce vita continues


In this new setting, Chef Dominique Costa gives free rein to his imagination while respecting the resolutely “Italian” identity of the place. Pizzettes and “dolce” style desserts will be given pride of place alongside the house classics, Chounuts, Miss Sofia and Acidulé to name but a few!
In this cozy space on two floors like a doll’s house, special events with Sofia’s Cakemix and privatization possibilities for birthdays await customers.

I deeply enjoy working on products and giving customers a bit of dreams and pleasure. In this job, you have to constantly listen to their desires, their expectations, to create unforgettable desserts.

— dominique costa, pastry chef

privatisation & catering

private or professional event

The restaurant or the bakery just for you and your guests, it is quite possible! Several possible configurations can meet all your expectations. We create the event together, from the menu to the layout of the tables and the decoration. Let’s imagine your project together!